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Take It EZ 02:36
Yo Rockin, something for the … VERSE 1 Propaganda, this is Papa Gato talking High Commander, this is Houston got a problem New adventures Crew adventures New dimensions Stevie Wonder, can see your superstitious So quit the voodoo Rhymes got beaucoup Quick to shoot you Rhyme right through you Rotten apple To the golden avocado I’m from California But is’s showtime at Apollo So what’s my motto? Be a leader never follow Impresario, Gato’s on your iPhone Or your Android Girls and boys turned to androids With handheld toys that scan your celluloid Give you cancer cells and keloid’s We’re the b-boys Like the Cold Crush Brothers Rasson’s flow is cold brother Got the 1200’s with the dust covers Some of the last of the funky-cut discoverers Gotta love us Chorus Papa Gato’s talking Something for the zombies sleep-walking Trying to make it ez for him Phil A’s rocking Something for the zombies sleep-walking Yo we’re… “Trying to make is easy” VERSE 2 Your a weakling Cruise a journey in a sea breeze, with two breezy’s Spanish queens believe Belizean We’re getting even With the haters and the heathens Ask my brethren Triple seven since a seedling I’m for the needy Lepers and the laymen’s Never seen islands Rikers or Cayman’s Alcatraz or Chino There’s something in my genomes for writing poems Style makes you feel right at home Think I’m from outside the dome Anecdote’s on microphones’s Direct broadcast to your homes On point, like Patrick Mahomes Throwing bombs to end zones We’re in the end homes’ Your still in the friend zone It’s time to get hitched, have you some kids Buy you a ranch I’m trying to make it easy because I’m just a branch On a vast family tree Me and Phil will make it easy for you
Trump Era 03:15
Rasson Arigato: [Intro] You don't want to romp with me [Verse 1] We're living in the Trump Era Living in the dumps era Sick era, sickle-cell mumps era Dump era, pistol and a pump era Just a small flare-up Bring a pallbearer That's the issue I'm listening to Mahavishnu Crack your tissue With a rap you can get into High karate like Gracie jiu-jitsu Rock your bodies Break beats when it hits you Rasson Arigato You say tomato I say tomato I'm like a lone desperado More like a ship in a bottle So keep it funky Jump back, keep it mellow Papa Gato With Fidel Agudelo He plays the cello Rasson Mussolini Cuz the beat is dirty Song do you greasy I'm Rasson Mussolini The beat is dirty And the song do you greasy like [Verse 2] Wave Nouveau rip currents and High Karate Papa Gato I'm fresh like Ocean Highway They say that flowing is a hobby Like your trying to go and hit the lottery But stop trolling At oversaturated functions On Sabbath Watch the sandman he cometh I'll tell you one thing You can bump this The chords are flat, like the earth's circumference I'll tell you one thing You can bump this The chords are flat, like the earth's circumference We're living in the Trump Era We're living in the Trump error
RASSON VERSE DC, NY let’s go! Ancient rhythms, for the sake to the save the children Make decisions, don’t languish in your living Language given, checking crates to make a living Wise decision, eyes of vision, sky’s the limit Lately I’ve been getting high like Mt. Fuji Lounging on a loveseat, bumping Fugees Reading Goosebumps, bump the fugazi Mood been on the moon lately Making loops is too crazy Save the robots, for professionals and know-nots Torah, Tanakh, gave my attitude a botox Hopeless Ro Co, San Fransokyo to SoHo Save the blah blah, mumbo jumbo and the mojo Cali rosa, lips rojo, but I stay low pro Because scheming on wifey, is a no no I’ve got my life filmed on a Go Pro, this is promo Quid pro quo, pro bono Chorus This is something for the truth seekers It’s wild out here, we’re the zoo keepers You need us It’s the most dangerous, caught on tape LMNO VERSE You need us ya’ll I’m counting money eating vegan tempura Running through Miami like Ace Ventura Your an untamed cop, the violence won’t stop Release him in the jungle for hunting season to get shot Even the plot, KKK is the prey It’s ugly as fuck, I stuff their head for display In the game room I’ve got rugs from robes they were wearing The most horrific trophy I got is a Karen The taxidermist, said that ones on the house House of vermin, they’re praising rats and Mickey Mouse Pass the durban, to stop them running at the mouth Crash the suburban, right into the violent route Bringing home the bacon, chatting Pig Latin Fry it up in the fat just to get it crackling Humans dying from swine and bird flu Animals now have dominion over the zoo! Ooh! Chorus This is something for the truth seekers It’s wild out here, we’re like zoo keepers You need us
(Samples) Nobody wants to get their ass beat to a soundtrack and shit What do you say we bust up this joint huh Uh huh next week huh Flashius Clayton Verse 1: Ayo my psyche’s psychotic Thoughts is crime colored Divine gutter What I brought defines butters Thirty-nine summers on my back I’m well-seasoned Sixty-four racks a track I’m back selling features All my gi’s is only fastened with black belts Slice throats, microdose acid and stack wealth Nastier than rat milk on cereal with roaches in the box Looking focused while I’m posted in the spot Glowing while I’m blowing from the top of the food chain Champagne bottles getting popped with my boo thang Lames try to move in my lane I steam roll ‘em, or t-bone ‘em Ok, Im reloaded Hate I feed on it but love is reciprocated (jewels) Bitches say that my thuggin’s sophisticated The glitch in the matrix Flash is Keanau Reeves A completely isolated A unique anomaly, Bong! (Samples) You ain't seen shit yet! Got back in the car and rolled me a joint man Rasson Arigato Verse 2: You thought, as if, yeah right Papa Gato take flight on a cat that’s ruthless In the valley acting clueless Or in the alley catch a head-crack Acting Hollywood, dead that Your worth about as much as a dead rat Trust them ‘bout as far as I can throw ‘em I’ll overthrow them Jockers, get off the scrotum I’m watching Clockers eating pho soup, write notes of old truth Rasson Arigato in the cold booth Hopeless poets, doing duets with a vocalist Watching cyclists, doing donuts on his spokes his Eyes are violet, from smoking Thai cowabunga The big kahuna, with the style from the under Oh I wonder, wonder who Wrote this book of lovers With so much truth to discover I sit back and take notes like a stenographer And noticed all the goats the most popular (Samples) Did not hesitate or nothing It's dangerous out here we know what’s going on the whole worlds going crazy man Please believe me Aw shit wait a god dam minute
I light up. I pour myself a cognac, and I watch The 14 Fists of McCluskey. What a picture. What a picture! Rick Dalton: Good picture, yeah. Rasson Arigato Verse 1: High Performance You're worshiping the eye of horus But i’m enormous Especially when rhyming chouras So scope your horoscope In your own ignorance Chords and floor hits Flows in storage We’re hopeless poets Thrown of off boats in oceans Stowaways and homeless Lames and lepers Plus a bonus Word to the wise know your opponents They swing at you in a moments notice Take your pick “ the whip eviction notice Like makeshift minor chord hits to flip the motions Your going through the wonder years Going through the motions And wonder why your souls gone floating Stocked away flows on shelves Oceans 1200s Homie rock the bells John Stock and Penny Hardaway with shelltoes Down on Melrose Rasson coming with them stale flows That's the day hell froze Rap to Phil through a cell phone And know the raps hot if he says so That’s my bro bro Dunbar and Santiago All my bars dumb and all his slaps fuego Shadrach, Meshach and a bad negro the heterosexual Let the saxophone bellow Phil A Verse 2: Light the roaches I’m bout to write my magnum opus As time approaches I figure how i approach it Rhyme appropriate Rasson my Comrade like a Soviet Veggies in my rice bowl The beef Mongolian Acceptance speeches at the symposium You a poser I’m on the podium No pressure the press is quoting him No stencils Press pads on instrumentals I’m instrumental Push the levels Praise god and kill devils Cop vinyl We rock at High Skill levels This a rewinder Something to make you feel special I’m the type to Take my time In the temple Tap the tempo Cop this it’s not a rental This so independent I’m in the pen like a sentence Reefer scented I’m reinvented We in Venice Ralph Lauren ‘n Livin lavish in Las Vegas Rasson better be on ya playlist We got the jazz Consider me Miles Davis Peace to Cats I Crossed paths along the way with Crooks got away with words without payment Send this to absurd for the placement We sailing boat racing Motivation Mota cultivating in the basement It ain’t fire it’s Molten lava combinations “That’s amazin “ Jay NiCE Verse 3: As I inspire your pen The private eye watches how i thrive Spys with his lens Eyes over the fence Like the guy who lives on the side of Tim I’m told him quick the mind is two cents While i’m driving in the flyest Benz Gliding in Timbs I’m higher than your little tribe of friends Who say their vibes is lit but secretly admire the trends my gods present We eleven figure breadwinners You check to check living I aim point blank dead center and let the lead flicker I’m from a place where the respect is thinner And they'll have your head for lunch, breakfast and dinner Old heads with George Jeffersons image Connect the picture we moving on up from the east side Shoutout to west and my niggas Doing drive by’s reckless in sentras In south central with tatted up Mexican hitters The bread we connecting is similar to Texas Toast Butter getting spread in the center I never been a quitter You can tell by my progression My steps is legendary The sexiest ever I’m representing nigga It’s Flair Nah fuck that It’s Duke Flytalker East side, East side, East side, East side, Marvin Schwarzs: Got to be so much fun. All the shooting. [mimes shooting a machine gun like Rick does in his movie] Marvin Schwarzs: I love that stuff, you know, the killing. Rick Dalton: A lot of killing. A lot of killing. Marvin Schwarzs: That’s you operating the flamethrower, isn’t it? Rick Dalton: Oh, you bet your sweet *ss it was. Yeah, yeah. Marvin Schwarzs: It was you? Rick Dalton: Yeah, let me tell you, that’s one sh*t-f*ck crazy weapon you do not want to be on the wrong side of. Boy, oh, boy. Now, I practiced with that dragon, uh, three hours a day for two weeks. Not just because I wanted to look good in the picture, but because I was sh*t scared
We’re right here we never left It’s that Zombino fam again Handling Damaging Phil eggs scramble ‘em Papa Gato mad at them Manhandle ‘em Kiel Mangle ‘em Whether Roman catholic or orthodix anglican Lost angles city Home of gang banging and Underwater relics Spanlish Los Bestes Rasson from the zombie posse Ain't nothing you can tell us Now move your pelvis like Elvis Reptiles in underground cellars X-Files, underlings with vendettas I’ve been better than most of these Crap rap sellers Excellence with an asterisk It’s hard to capture this Like a soul on a polaroid We’re the Blues Brothers Belushi and Dan Aykroyd Santiago, Dunbar’s paranoid This survival All your dumb bars null and void
Jazz it out uh Jazz it out uh hh Jazz it out Rasson Arigato Verse 1 Pretty face but I rhyme ugly Ugly face but I rhyme pretty You facing time gets pretty ugly Face it times getting pretty ugly Pretty ugly, disgusting Drunk in public, punk in drublic Jump drive my drum kit Yo my flow’s unorthodoxical Paradoxical end up in paramedic hospital Trying to outfox a bull You better leave him alone Your going to need Rosetta’s Stone Strong’s Concordance Never reveal my coordinates Conquer flourish like the Spanish did Moorish Cancer taurus or aquarius yo it’s all hogwash If your soul’s long-lost Off the rip, lunar eclipse the moon drips on a sabbath Just signs of heaven and mathematics These patterns of rap have a stab at it A pad and a pen and have at it Yo ‘cause this is pretty ugly Look what Gato done drug in, I’m up to something Juggling drums and double- ass strumming Phil’s got a different stroke like Phil Drummond Isaac Sawyer Verse 2 Soy feo, soy bonito, suavecito I can be an a-hole but I’m just a b-boy Your c-minus flows need vitamin Who invited them Always want to know who’s the plug Like appliances Wish society would take a glance in the mirror You’d see the blemishes, hideous Like a humanoid reptilian, nemesis Pretty ugly, wondering does the city love me Art is not a luxury, all other opinions are repugnant How’s the main attraction not part of the budget, your bugging I log on blood starts boiling, bubbling Dumb raps unattractive We just make fun of your fumbling All the weak shit is puzzling I release music independent Not democrat or republican Rasson Arigato chorus: Yo cuz this is pretty ugly Look what Gato done drug in, I’m up to something Juggling drums and double bass strumming Phil got a different stroke like Phil Drummond Yee yee yee 1 2 and you don’t Yo it’s the Mob and we don’t quit And this song’s the ultimate And Rasson’s the ultimate This is the sure shot Yo where’s the crash Yo Phil where’s the crash Yo pull over, drive Crash, crash, drive! Stop! Crash!
Slump More 03:14
If New York’s Mecca Cali is Medina D.C. is Beirut Listen for the flutes Bombs like graceful ballerinas Nova Scotia down to Pasadena Pass the SM-57 watch me rev it Quick to set it Waveforms embedded in my head It started pre pubescent Hella science Sun, Moon and the crescent They must have missed the message Or didn’t get the memo This is not a demo I’m with Mexicanos in a tinted limo Watching Royal Rumble Loyal, humble and i’m honest Doggone it The world's gone hog wild Caught up on style call Kiel Nothing like me Got the victory like Nike On my Spike Lee Trying to do the right thing Yo i’m on my Spike Lee Strictly try to do the right thing I’m trying to do the right thing G C’mon.


This album was recorded in one day at the beginning of the covid pandemic.

Shortly after recording the album, Phil A had a heart attack in his sleep and was saved by his now fiance, Xochitl. After an amazing recovery, Phil A & Rasson Arigato got back to work.

Then the features started coming in, LMNO of The Visionaries who recently released the album 10:20 produced by Madlib & has an album with Phil A in the works beasted appropriately on ZOO KEEPERS.

On MINDHUNTERS, Flashius Clayton provides a guest verse and lays the raw bass line as well.

Jay NiCE (Fly Art, An Album Called Classic) appears alongside Rasson which also has the only verse from Phil on the project. He wanted to focus on the beats and let Arigato’s unique flow and wordplay shine on this project.

Rasson and Phil A first worked together on the 2009 album, Join The Mob by Mob Zombie. Voted one of the best albums in the Las Vegas Citylife paper. They are happy to reunite once again for PHILAGATO.


released November 29, 2020

All beats produced by Phil A on his iPhone 6.

Lyrics written and performed by Rasson Arigato and featured Artists.

Mixed and Mastered at Rap Is Fun Studios.

Album cover art: Selin Çınar


all rights reserved



Phil A Las Vegas, Nevada

Beat Makin MC, PHIL A
Founder of Rap Is Fun.
"Best job I ever had was at Hip Hop Site. "

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